By Kent Cabreira

Great Egret

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Point Piños
Pacific Grove

Ardea alba sitting amongst shore rocks lining the Monterey Bay in Pacific Grove. • Looking to shoot some winter wave activity along the Monterey Bay, I noticed this egret come flying into the rocks along the shore. While I have seen many egrets along the highway and roadways in the area in marshy or tidal areas, this is the first I had seen one along the ocean shoreline. • I did my best to scramble around behind some rocks, so as to not disturb the egret for as long as possible. I was able to get between a set of rocks that gave a straight shot towards the bird. Unfortunately, after only a couple shots, the egret took off—scared from my feet shifting in the coarse sand and rock along the shoreline. • Early winter and slightly stopping down the aperture allowed for most of the bird to not get blown out. Gray rocks and dark moss and seaweed caused an uninteresting background. To help the egret become more of a focal point in the shot, switching to black and white and adding some vignetting helped to maintain focus.

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