By Jeff Sullivan

Meteor And Milky Way Over The Range Of Light

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Nearest Area
Ansel Adams Wilderness
Mammoth Lakes
Brief Directions

This is along the John Muir Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Reaching this spot required a 10.7 mile hike up to 10,000 feet in elevation. It was a long way to carry about 10-12 pounds of camera gear in addition to normal backpacking supples!


Slight movement in the water over the course of the 30 second exposure makes the brightest stars look bigger there, and some of the less bright stars fail to get picked up by the camera sensor due to the water's less than perfect reflection of the light. The additional streak in the sky is either a meteor or a satellite (apparently a meteor since it doesn't show up in adjacent frames, while other flying objects did).


The Milky Way and Banner Peak reflect in a lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness.

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