By Peter Coskun

Heat Wave

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 7D
Nearest Area
grand canyon village

While some people may try to avoid the summer at the grand canyon due to the heat and extremely high visitation on the south rim. I found it to be the perfect time to go. After waiting for a few hours for the sunset I had found a spot overlooking the colorado river near the desert view watch tower. With the heavy cloud cover I was hesitant that there would be no light show. Soon enough, the sun began to filter through the clouds and light up the canyon. One particular ray lit up the tip of the rim and the large butte which gave a very warm feeling although it was somewhat chilly and windy. This warm light reminded me of the harsh reality that is the desert, where red rocks glow red, pink, and orange and the temperatures easily hover around 100 degrees from june until september. The heat is something I can live with, if it yields light such as this.

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