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Mall grounds
Washington, DC

This picture was taken in the morning along the Reflecting pool during nautical twilight. This was part of an exercise I set for myself. The overall reason for the exercise is to prepare myself for iconic natural wonders while traveling. The concept of the exercise was to use the icon as an element not the subject. Like most photographers, I'm always looking for something different. Much like the Washington Monument, other icons have been done. Unfortunately, I live in a city and don't have grand vista's to practice on so I have to deal with it. The Washington Monument and the surrounding Mall grounds were photographed millions of times last year alone. This creates a challenge. The Washington monument is one of those Icons that's image is well known. That actually gave me more flexibility inside the parameters of my exercise. You don't always need to include the total icon in a picture for the viewer to recognize it. They can fill in the blanks in their own mind. The main subject in this picture is the walk way and the leading lines created by it. The viewer should be drawn into the picture. That was my attempt anyways. LED lights gave the multiple star burst effect. I used the Washington Monument as an element. That was the point of this picture. I wanted something different. Later I want to utilize the same technique, that is, using parts of a natural Icon as an element in my picture. A sliver of Half Dome or a shadow of Delicate arch will do. This was taken last winter. My travels purposely take me off the beaten path so I have yet to put my words into practice.

Date Added
August 19, 2013
Date Taken
August 19, 2013

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