By Dustin Penman

Ying Yang Dunes

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Death Valley
Stovepipe Wells
Brief Directions

You can see these dunes from Highway 190 just outside of the small town of Stovepipe Wells. There is a nice paved parking lot with rest rooms from where you can venture out to the dunes (maybe 150 yards to the dunes). Because of the ease of access here there are a lot of people and tracks. If you want less crowds and no tracks you have two options. One, get up early, as the wind often blows away the tracks from the day before, or drive East on Hwy 190 just a bit and hike into the the dunes. This makes for a 1/4 to 1/2 mile hike to the dunes, but you will have far fewer people and tracks.


Part of my self assignment to capture stunning black and white images of Mesquite dunes in Death Valley.

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