By Peter Coskun

Superstition Dreams

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 7D
Nearest Area
canyon lake
Apache junction
Brief Directions

us-60 east to apache trail


The superstition mountains are arguably one of the most spectacular regions of the southwest. Rugged canyons and cliffs stretch for miles while here the edge of the western flank of the mountain sits above lost dutchman state park. I had hoped to get long star trails, but clouds kept coming in washing out most of the frames. My main goal was to layer multiple exposures to achieve the overall image. I ended up taking 27 three minute exposures consecutively. This particular frame ended up being on of my favorites from the evening. I rarely see night shots from this location and wanted to give it a shot myself. This image was taken about an hour after the sun was well below the horizon while the clouds picked up the remaining twilight colors. There was a half moon which was extremely bright illuminating the mountain itself and helped us find our way back afterwards. The direction of the clouds and motion of the stars added an otherworldly feel to a location that already feels like another planet.

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