Black And White Sands

Alamogordo, New Mexco

a picture was taken at White Sands National Monument. It's a late afternoon shot. I had been scoping the area out for a couple of days. I was out to get the typical yucca plant shot during the golden hour. I still had time to kill before show time. I was close to the subjects I was planning to work. There was severe clear conditions at the time I took this picture. Generally that makes me isolate the subject and background. In this case I started taking pictures in black and white (not that it matters in raw). The contrast between the sand and the cloudless sky really made it pop. I knew the area and I was aware of the tree. It's probably the only tree at the monument. The sand behind the tree created a nice bowl. The bowl accented the shadow from the tree. While I took the first shots the moon was a distraction and it's position made it a bad element for the composition. I had time and was able to let it move into a more acceptable location. Additionally, at first, I was not happy with the vine in the sand. I was looking for the typical undisturbed ripples. After looking at it for a while, I realized I needed to embrace the unwanted element, not run from it. I realized it made a good leading line and as the moon came around I could keep it in composition. I know some photographers turn their nose up and fold their arms like Mussolini when someone mentions composition. So, to you, composition, composition, composition!

Date Added
October 20, 2013
Date Taken
October 20, 2013

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