By Dave Allen

The Calm – Folly Beach, Charleston, Sc

Equipment Info
Nearest Area
Charleston, SC
Folly Beach, SC
Brief Directions

Take Folly Beach Road from Charleston, SC


We were lucky enough to witness this amazing sunset at Folly Beach on our most recent trip to the coastal areas near Charleston, SC. This amazing beach scene had all of the elements a landscape photographer could hope for with a great subject, incredible lighting, leading lines in the sky and water to draw you deeper into the scene, and it's all topped off by a richly colored sunset sky. I especially like the way a beam of golden evening light perfectly highlights the fine detail of the tree trunks. I shot this image on the eve of Hurricane Irene as she approached Charleston, and you can see the leading edge of the storm on the horizon. I returned to this location the next morning as the storm hit and it was anything but the peaceful and serene environment pictured here. Hope you enjoy it, comments welcome! ;-)

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