By Audrey Smith

Barred Owl On A Cloudy Dayl, Everglades National Park

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 40D
Nearest Area
Florida City
Brief Directions

Take Interstate 95 or the Florida Turnpike south to where they merge into U.S. Highway 1. Turn left (west) at the light in Florida City, following the signs for Everglades National Park. The signs will lead down County Road 9336 to the park entrance. An entrance fee of $10.00 is required for individuals who do not have one of the National Park Passes, and the park entrance is open 24/7.


A rainy, overcast day where no other wildlife could be spotted, save for the crows that are all over Everglades National Park. This lovely barred owl was perched in the top of a cypress tree, and would shift from tree to tree as multiple frogs vocalized; it was very interested in an amphibian dinner. Rain is certainly not uncommon during summer in the Everglades, and this owl took it all in stride.

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