Ox Bow Bend #2 In Bw


This image in particular I've been eagerly waiting for the right moment to dig-in, and with my best BW conversion skills, recount with fervent direction, the awe and inspiration this amazing (albeit quite popular) natural wondrous place had given to me. Yes billions flock to this locale to behold it's enthralling presentation. Does that mean it has any less attraction or importance to me ? Sure, many upon many have photographed this particular location in all wholehearted fascination simply to capture for their own inspirational or documentary pursuits, or whatever they may be. But I'l be Damned if my experience is any less spectacular (or more) than all before me and all after me. It simply astounds me time after time the phenomenal natural world that exists for us to experience first hand. Yeah it's fun to take a picture that looks cool and present it to people, showing a beautiful location, but it falls way short of the first hand experience, that first moment you arrive to these places and all your senses are on fire absorbing the breathtaking awe that you had no idea would come to be. I remember my first day at Yosemite, next to four thousand other people, the sheer joy I experienced looking down at the valley. I hugged every last one of them. Standing there on the shoreline of the Snake, I saw beautiful tones and contrasts of blues, yellows, everything in between, and smoke / clouds blanketing the mountain range. I knew in conversion, with the right technique, the aspen could go tonally white, the sky with a pseudo red filter would be black (Anselesque), and the oranges, greens, and purples would fall in line filling in the 1/4 and 3/4 tones. Processing this took three black and white conversions hand brushed together. This is composed of two horizontal shots on a D800E, 70-200mm 2.8VRII, initially processed in LR5, polished in Photoshop CC. #plusphotoextract #photoplusextract #bwphotography #mattanderson #panoramaphotography #grandtetonnationalpark

Date Added
September 9, 2013
Date Taken
September 9, 2013

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