By Paul Smithson Phillips

Morning Arch

Equipment Info
Nikon Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 9000 ED
Nearest Area
Arches National Park
Brief Directions

Arches National Park


A picture of my father at sunrise. This was a morning to remember. We started on the way to Delicate Arch that morning at dark thirty, my favorite time. My father protested a bit but I got him out the door and on the way for a hike at Delicate Arch. I got plenty of dirty looks on the way.I could see he was wondering "why I got him up so early". After all, it would be there later. It only took a few minutes into the hike when I could tell he understood. The trail had about 2" of fresh snow from the night before. We were making first tracks. We had the place all to ourselves! After going up one of my favorite light hikes the Arch comes into view from around a corner. My father, like most people, was taken back at first glance. As usual,at that time, I had trouble getting people to listen to me when I was trying to compose a pictures. After all, who could take me seriously when all I had was disposables.My father was no exception. He posed under protest. Ironically He's had the picture on display for over ten years now.

Date Added
March 29, 2013
Date Taken
January 1, 1970

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