By Richard Seeley

Floating Denali

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Nearest Area
Denali National Park
Brief Directions

Denali Park road to Stoney Dome pullout, Denali National Park, Alaska


Floating Denali video


Experiencing Mt McKinley at the summer solstice is a special event. The probability of seeing a piece of the mountain, also known as Denali, is about 30% on average throughout the year. The chances of seeing the entire mountain in full is only about 16%. To be able to watch and photograph the entire mountain from sundown, through a moonset in the blue light of twilight to the alpenglow sunrise, just 3 hours after sundown is a once in a lifetime experience. Two days before the solstice, Denali was obscured by smoke from wild fires. We wondered if we would see a sunset on the mountain. It was minutes past the official sunset of 12:21 am when the angle of the sun and the density of the smoke created a brief but spectacular effect on the peaks of Denali, making it appear to be floating like an island in the distance.

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