By Dave Allen

Welcome To Asheville Nc – Blue Ridge Mountains Sunset

Nearest Area
Blue Ridge Parkway
Asheville, NC
Brief Directions

Lowe's near the Asheville Airport, lol!


Sunset over a sea of fog and peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville NC. I could tell you about the 3 hour drive it took to get to the trailhead, or the 8.5 mile hike it took to get to this location. I could also tell you about the 3 days we camped out waiting for gorgeous conditions like this to unfold in front of us. But I won't waste your time with any of that, because I shot this image from the parking lot at the local Lowes Store. Isn't living in Asheville NC great? I named this image "Welcome to Asheville" because it actually looks over the end of the runway at the Asheville Airport, and is therefore the first view visitors to Asheville are treated to. Also, the cut out in the trees on the side of the big mountain is the Blue Ridge Parkway as it heads south out of Asheville on its way to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Click the image to view it large! Hope you enjoy it, comments welcome! ;-)

Date Added
September 7, 2012
Date Taken
July 9, 2012

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