By Peter Coskun

Mono Wish

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 7D
Nearest Area
Yosemite national park
Lee Vining

My first visit to this magical lake was a memorable one. On the first day of my trip to the eastern sierras I was given the gift of an epic sunset over mono lake that probably rivals any sunset I've seen before. I instantly fell in love with the location and returned the following evening knowing the skies would be a bit more clear. I waited until sunset and then shot some long exposures to capture some the emerging night sky. Over the course of two hours I managed to record over two dozen shooting stars in the images. However, all but one had airplanes flying through the exposure. I liked the gradation of the sky still showing off the last light of day with the mixture of stars. It really made this location feel even more magical and out of this world.

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