Mannis Brnach Falls

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This is one of those “off the beaten path” waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains – just the way I like it! I’ve attempted this one a couple times before, but never quite got what I was after. However, that all changed this summer. Thanks to an amazing amount of rainfall, the conditions were ideal. So, my wife and I carefully crossed Little River (“little” didn’t seem the right name for it at the time!) and climbed up to the waterfall. Just as I started to shoot the sun popped out from behind the clouds – which kind of sounds like a good thing until you realize that splotchy sunlight can quickly ruin a good waterfall shot. I kept the gear setup and my fingers crossed hoping for some clouds to pass over. In less than 10 minutes my wish came true and I popped off all my shots. Once I had this scene all set, I climbed up foreground the waterfall you see in the photo and took some images of the larger main falls (that’ll probably get posted later). My wife decided I was an idiot and stayed behind :) As I shot away, I realized my wish for a few clouds may have gone too far – it was REALLY getting dark. I quickly finished up and climbed back down the falls and to the river. By the time we were back at the river it was POURING down rain – making an already tricky river crossing in swift current much more difficult since we could no longer see the bottom. We eventually made it across, but we were totally drenched – probably would have been drier to swim across LOL. Pretty amazing – from sun to a downpour in about 15 minutes! But we got the shot :)

Date Added
September 30, 2013
Date Taken
September 30, 2013

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