Coyote With Lunch

Nearest Area
Mt. Washburn

On the summit of Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone National Park, I overheard some other hikers talking about how there was a coyote that seemed to be following them up the trail on their way to the summit. As I began my descent, I finally saw the coyote as it was standing at the edge of the trail, peering down the mountanside. Suddenly it bolted down the scree slope with astounding agility, and it ran out of sight. I decided to hang around and see if it came back, and am I sure glad that I did! Ten minutes later it came back into view, and as I began to be abe to make it out it appeared to be struggling to carry something up the mountain side. As it got closer, I realized that it was a marmot nearly half the size of the coyote. It had stormed down the mountain after it and was now attempting to bring it back to its favorite hangout for a feast. It finally made its way back up to the trail, and passed within 20 yards of where I was standing. I scrambled to put my longer lens on, and was able to get some close up shots of the coyote with its prize. As it ambled away, I couldn't help but smile and just stand there in awe of the raw, sometimes savage power of the natural world.

Date Added
June 25, 2013
Date Taken
June 25, 2013

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