By Jamie Link

Silverton Sunset

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Silverton Colorado

I almost wrecked my rental Jeep to get this shot. I got set up for the shot that I wanted and waited for a few minutes to see if the light was going to cooperate. As I waited, I started to see this amazing light emanating from just over the pass. Now I had turned around while I was scouting for a workable composition because the back road I was on was still half covered with snow, but when I saw this light, I had to see what it looked like from on top of the mountain. I jump in Jeep Compass that I rented and started racing up this thin mountain pass road that is covered in snow, drifting through the corners and nearly going off the side. I only had minutes to get to the top before this light was gone, so I knew I had to go quick. Once I make it to the top, the road was closed and I had to run about 100 yards through wast deep melting snow. I nearly passed out from exhaustion as I composed the shot and pressed the shutter. It was totally worth it!!! :)

Date Added
February 5, 2013
Date Taken
May 2, 2013

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