By John Anderson

Dawn Of The Dream Elk

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Gardiner MT
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A bull elk alerts to the sound of my shutter in the new dawn light, ready to answer any challenge to his dominance over his harem which had just passed through the tiny meadow. Surrounded by bugling elk- I was in the wrong place at the right time...


Sony A560. Sigma 50-500. ISO 1600 F4.5 1/20sec. Taken on 10-11-12 in Yellowstone national park near the golden gate.


Pre-sunrise capture of a bull elk following cows through the aspens. Steadied on a stump I took the first shot while he was grazing and then he looked right at me and froze. Other bulls were bugling in the growth behind him, and behind me, making the shot a nape of the neck tingler. Of course my first shots were at almost 500mm until I pulled back to 50 to catch the scene instead of just the beast. This picture brings every sensation from the smell of pine in the cold air to the feel of the crumbly stump as I listened to the bugles and brushing of large bodies through the underbrush.. definitely my favorite picture of the year.

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