Peregrine Falcon Preening On Beach

Equipment Info
Canon Canon EOS-1D X
Nearest Area
McGrath State Beach
Brief Directions

Take highway 101 North from Los Angeles towards Ventura, take Victory exit towards McGrath State Beach Camground, take Seaward avenue towards Channel Island Visitor Center, park and walk East towards McGrath State Beach Campground.


I had planned to go to McGrath State Beach Campground looking for a Red Shouldered Hawk that I had photographed during the Summer, but the campground was flooded and closed, so I took a long way in via Ventura Harbor near Channel Island Visitor Center. The Santa Clara river estuaries on my left, the beach on my right. There were ducks and grebes in the river, but the light angle was impossible and there was nothing on the beach to shoot at. After walking for nearly 2 miles trying to find a crossing, I noticed a black lump on a dead wood branch on the beach side. I was walking into the sun, so couldn't really tell what it was. So I gave it a wide berth and came around and to my delight it was a Peregrin Falcon on the beach! I approached it cautiously and craled the last 10 yards or so to come within 20 yards. I swapped the 1.4X for the 2X to get as close to the brid as I can without disturbing it. It was un-perturbed by my presence and proceeded to preen itself and alloed me to photograph it for a good 30 min.

Date Added
December 28, 2012
Date Taken
December 28, 2012

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