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March 12th, 2014

Dry Assignment Winner Lara Matthews

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner


Veins of Sand by Lara Matthews

“Veins of Sand” by Lara Matthews


Congrats to Lara Matthews for winning the Dry Assignment with her monochromatic image of Death Valley.

“I had been thinking about this photograph for a while and planned the trip to Death Valley (which coincided with my 29th birthday) with my fiancé Greg and my daughter Charlotte to see if I could capture the image that was in my head. We hiked through the sinking sand, traveling by foot and stopping often to look around for areas where shadowed gradients met the light.

“When I finally arrived at the location where this shot was taken, no other people were in sight. I sat by my tripod, emptying my mind and breathing in the soft desert air. I waited patiently, as most photographers do, until the golden hour was upon us. The shuffling of sand was the only noise in the air as we moved about. The juxtaposition of low evening lighting and long shadows really helped create the composition that I captured.  It was a combination of pre-visualization and being at the right spot during the right lighting conditions that made this photograph possible.

“I do minimal post-processing in my workflow.  The extent of the post-processing in this image was just a basic black and white conversion completed in Photoshop.”

Equipment: Canon EOS 6D, Sigma AF 20mm f/1.8 EX lens, Hoya 82mm Circular Polarizer, Manfrotto Carbon Fiber tripod, Think Tank Retrospective, Think Tank Streetwalker Backpacks.



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  1. Emily Says:

    This is a beautiful image – I’m wondering if the decision to post it online at full resolution was intentional.

  2. Lorenzo Cassina Says:

    Fantastic presentation with excellent contrast and extreme textures. Stunning Lara! Lorenzo

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