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April 7th, 2014

Stillness Assignment Winner Dennis Jahn

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Farmers Pond at Sunrise' by Dennis Jahn

“Farmer’s Pond at Sunrise” by Dennis Jahn

Congrats to our Stillness Assignment winner – Dennis Jahn!

“Photo was taken in January at Farmer’s Pond. When there are no winds in the Owens Valley, the reflections at the pond are spectacular. I had been waiting for the weather to clear as I wanted a shot with completely calm water.  This was just one of the images I was able to get on this beautiful morning. This is what I was looking for on this morning, and I was in luck as the view was just what I wanted. I use minor adjustments in Photoshop Elements 8,” says Jahn.

Equipment: Pentax K200D,  Pentax 18-55mm lens,  Bogen tripod,  Bogen ballhead.


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