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November 13th, 2012

Photo Of The day 11/13/2012

Posted By Christopher Robinson

Luminous - Blue Ridge Winter Sunset by Dave Allen

Dave Allen submitted today’s Photo Of The Day to the Sidelight Assignment. He took this photograph in Laurel Park near Hendersonville, NC. It’s a beautiful example of how sidelight can enhance textures, add dimension and create a luminous effect with ice and with leaves. Allen writes, “Landscape photography featuring a cold winter sunset in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. The light reflecting off of these ice covered trees at Jump Off Rock in Laurel Park showcases some amazing lighting and conditions at sunset after a winter storm.”

The Sidelight Assignment is open for submissions through Nov 20.

Get your photos into the running for the Photo Of The Day by submitting the OP galleries. I select a Photo Of The Day everyday. Images come from Your Favorite PlacesAssignments and the contest galleries. The  Assignments and the Your Favorite Places sections of the website have been improved with larger photos and new functions. Take a look at the improvements. You can see more of my Photo Of The Day selections on the OP Blog.


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  1. Bruno Says:

    WOW!!! Amazing!

  2. Dave Allen Says:

    Awesome, thanks so much Christopher!

  3. Mike Schwartz Says:

    Dave, you are a master of light. Such a powerful image. The light seems to transition across the image from a warm glow to winter’s cold. I have never seen trees lit this way.

  4. Cindy Says:

    Beautiful! Just Beautiful!

  5. Sheila Kay McIntyre Says:

    Beautiful soft tones with just a touch of light coming in from the side creating a warm glow.

  6. Jim Dorsey Says:

    I have been envolved in photography for a short time, it is photos like this that insipire me to continue. Awsome

  7. Judith Russell-Tooth Says:

    Stunning image. The light transforms this image to fairyland. How beautiful!

  8. Renae Smith Says:

    Ooooh, spectacularly magical! I love when Mother Nature shows off like this =)

  9. rodolfo sabatini Says:


  10. Laura Zirino Says:

    Wow, that is incredible! The light on the trees and the soft sky give this a magical feel.

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