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March 27th, 2013

Photo Of The Day by Laura Zirino (3/27/2013)

Posted By Christopher Robinson

Photography From The Edge by Laura Zirino

Laura Zirino submitted this dramatic photo to the new People In The Landscape Assignment that opened yesterday (3/26).  Framing the shot with the photographer on the left was a perfect decision. It creates depth, dimension, balance and most importantly it creates the feeling of a person interacting with this wild scene. Zirino got this photo of the Grand Canyon from the edge of Hopi Point, hence the title, Photography From The Edge. She used a Canon EOS 5D Mk III.

I’ll be choosing a Photo Of The Day every day. I’ll be selecting the images from the various OP galleries including AssignmentsYour Favorite Places and all of the OP Contests. Also, for each issue of the magazine I go through the Assignments galleries and choose a few to be featured in The Best Of Assignments in print. To get your photos into the running all you have to do is submit them.

-Christopher Robinson, Editor
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  1. Bill Ferris Says:

    Hey, that’s me! Was I really that close to the rim? Don’t let my family see this ;o)

    Great shot, Laura, and congrats of being selected as Photo of the Day!

  2. Dwayne Andrejczuk Says:

    Woohoo congrats Laura! That is an excellent shot :)

  3. Laura Zirino Says:

    Yeah Bill, you really were THAT close! That’s why you caught my eye instead of that huge canyon I was photographing 😉

    Thanks Dwayne!! 😉

  4. AL Schryvers Says:

    This just took my breath away for second, it hit me so hard. Still living in the after affects of this as I type. What else can I say it moved me so much.

  5. Laura Zirino Says:

    Wow Al, I think that’s the best compliment I ever received. So glad you are enjoying the photo!

  6. Doug Freese Says:

    Could you peek at the EXIF and tell us the lens,ap,shut…please

  7. Laura Zirino Says:

    Sure-lens: 24-105mm, f14, 1/80 sec, ISO 100, tripod.

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