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April 29th, 2013

Photo Of The Day by Max Vuong

Posted By Christopher Robinson


Mesquite Meltdown by Max Vuong

Mesquite Meltdown by Max Vuong

Death Valley is an incredibly diverse environment and among its most famous features are the massive sand dunes. The dunes are so iconic that many people who have never been to Death valley National Park are under the mistaken impression that dunes cover the whole park. In fact, the dunes make up about 1 percent of Death Valley’s 3.3-million acres.  
On his first trip to Death Valley, Max Vuong got this photo and he submitted it to the OP Your Favorite Places Gallery. He describes the day, “My first time here and was lost all morning. Walking back to the car, I noticed the interesting lines when I got really low to the ground, not on purpose rather because I was completely spent. I was basically lying on the sand at this point and set up my camera no more than six inches off the ground. Snapped a few shots directly into the sun and was pleasantly surprised with the results.” Vuong used a Canon EOS 5D Mk II with a 17-40mm lens.

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