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December 9th, 2010

Hidden Zion

Posted By Ian Plant

Zion National Park in Utah is a land of deep canyons, sweeping mountain vistas, and stunning desert views. Every year I make an autumn pilgrimage to Zion, exploring it’s hidden mysteries. Although the scenery in Zion is big, bold, and jaw-dropping, there is also a more intimate side, one that I try to capture with each visit.

"Kolob Dreams" - Zion National Park, Utah

"Kolob Dreams" - Zion National Park, Utah

I’ve recently posted a new gallery on my website called Hidden Zion, featuring images I have made there over the past two years. To be honest, it is still a work in progress. I will be returning to Zion every year for a few more years at least, each time penetrating deeper into its backcountry, looking for more hidden mysteries to reveal. With each visit, I hope to further refine my vision, and tell a more complete story about this wonderful place.

"The Crack" - Zion National Park, Utah

"The Crack" - Zion National Park, Utah

To learn more about the making of my Zion images, check out the Zion category of my daily photoblog. Interested in photographing Zion yourself? I’ve recently listed my Hidden Zion photo workshop, scheduled for November 2011. I know if may seem early to start mentioning the workshop, but this one fills up fast. Hopefully I will see some of you there next November!

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