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May 18th, 2011

Rainy Day Photography

Posted By Jerry Monkman

Rainy days are great for saturating colors in a photo.

Rainy days are great for saturating colors in a photo.

If you live in the northeastern U.S. like I do, it lately seems as if it rains every day. Bad weather can be less than inspiring for some photographers, but I love it, especially this time of year when wildflowers are blooming, there are fresh leaves on the trees, and mountain streams are chock full of rushing water. And getting out from behind my computer and out in the woods always lifts my spirits, whether the weather is nice or not. It rained for much of the last two days as I did dome scouting for my upcoming Vermont photo workshop, and it seemed the ideal time to make a quick video with some rainy day photo tips. You can see it below:

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You can see some of the pictures I took while shooting the video on my Facebook page.

To sign up for any of my photo workshops where we take great pictures in good and bad weather, visit http://www.jerryandmarcymonkman.com/photo_instruction.html.

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  1. Daniel Says:

    I was just photographing in the rain… and getting muddy. It is such a fun time to photograph during.

  2. JoannaZ Says:

    Great article. I’m heading to Yellowstone next month, and the current forecasts are nothing but showers everyday. If that continues, I need to be prepared to shoot in these conditions (for the first time). Thanks for the great tips – very helpful.

  3. Bryan Nelson Says:

    Jerry, Thanks for the video. My only time last weekend to get out was Sunday morning and it was raining. Thinking of your video I still got out of bed and spent a couple of hours in the field. Between the waterfall and the rain I was pretty wet but made for some nice images.

  4. Rainy Days and Photography | Views Infinitum Says:

    […] see many of these tips in action, follow this link  of a video by New England photographer Jerry Monkman.  Like us, Jerry has been dealing with our wet Spring and shows us how to find peace with […]

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