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February 29th, 2012

Composition Basics.

Posted By Jerry Monkman
A northern hardwood forest near Mirror Lake in Woodstock, NH.

A northern hardwood forest near Mirror Lake in Woodstock, NH.

Composition is a challenging concept to teach in photography. I believe everyone has an inherent way of looking at the world and translating that vision into art, and teaching my own vision doesn’t always translate. Still there are some basic technical aspects to visual design that can be learned, and I’m putting together a series of videos that explain these concepts. You can see the first video, Composition Basics, below. In it I describe the concept of balance in a photo as well as that old cliche of design, the rule-of-thirds (hey, it sill works.)

To read more about the video and to particpate in my free on-line course, visit this post: http://monkmanphoto.com/archives/4256


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  1. Ingrid Abraham Says:

    Great video on a very important subject. I firmly believe that a little thought about composition can turn a good image into a great image.
    I agree it’s difficult to teach but well worth the effort on the long term. I’m going to check out your other videos now!

  2. Jerry Monkman Says:

    Thanks Ingrid!

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