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June 2nd, 2011

Raging Elakala Falls

Posted By Joseph Rossbach

The water levels this past week in West Virginia the highest I have experience in the spring. I took advantage of this and found some new perspectives on often photographed locations like this B&W image of Elakala Falls in Blackwater Falls State Park. The light was dreary and the water was so stained with yellow tannin that I decided that it would look better as a B&W image. The conversion was done in PS5 using NIK Silver Efex Pro.

One of my workshop clients, Pini Goldman, caught a rare glimpse of me in action. I love the shot Pini! It shows what we do to get those angles that turn the ordinary into an extraordinary image.

Me working the stream in high water

Tech details: Nikon D700, 16-35mm, Singh Ray LB Polarizer, raw capture at ISO 100, 1.3 seconds @ F18


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