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April 27th, 2011

In the Company of Puffins

Posted By Kevin Schafer

Atlantic Puffin carrying nest material, Scotland

It’s hard to pick a personal favorite bird – there are so many wonderful birds around the world – but I’d have to say that Puffins are right up there on the list. As with penguins, everything Puffins do seem simultaneously adorable and slightly ridiculous – like this fellow carrying grass back to line his nest burrow.  In any case, I know that whenever I get a chance to spend time in their company, its going to be fun.

As it happens, I leave tomorrow for a month in the British Isles, where I will be serving as photo lecturer aboard the National Geographic Explorer. We will be visiting some remote outer islands, places where puffins are common, almost unavoidable. We will also be spending time with gannets, seals, wildflowers and a lot of really ancient standing stones.

I will try and blog regularly throughout the trip, as much as the satellite connection allows. If nothing else, expect some puffins.  Stay tuned.

Puffin with Sandeels, Scotland

Nikon F100, 80-200 f2.8 lens


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