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May 20th, 2014

Meteor by Thomas O’Brien

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Meteor by Thomas OBrien
It’s time to start thinking about the summer meteor showers. Thomas O’Brien’s Meteor short film is a compilation of time lapse shoots he did of the Geminid, Perseid and Leonid showers from 2007 to now.
April 21st, 2014

The Nesting Bald Eagles Of Smith Rock State Park Oregon. A short film by George Lepp.

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Nesting Bald Eagles Of Smith Rock Oregon
The making of George Lepp’s Nesting Eagles Of Smith Rock State Park Oregon was detailed in the Eagle Eyes article in the April issue of OP. Check out the extraordinary, HD video which was created with telephoto focal lengths up to 4800mm!
March 31st, 2014

VIDEO: Making A Splash—How To Shoot At High Speed With Long Focal Lengths

Posted By Christopher Robinson
In their first OPTV Blog post, Varina & Jay Patel show how to create dramatic high-speed, extreme telephoto photos on a day when the sunlight was less than fully cooperative.
March 25th, 2014

Aerial Photographer Jessica Ambats

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
Jessica Ambats - Pulse-Pounding Aerial Photography by SmugMug
As part of an ongoing series of specialized photographers, SmugMug has featured aerial photographer Jessica Ambats. This video captures Ambats in action as she shoots Cessnas, Beechcrafts, and the Areo L-39 from above while dealing with variable conditions and communicating with her pilot – quite a balancing act! (Full disclosure: Here at Outdoor Photographer, we’re …
March 14th, 2014

Aerial Drone Video, Bigger Than Life, Delves Inside Alaska Ice Caves

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Bigger Than Life from Firefight Films
Bigger Thank Life was shot with a GoPro HERO 3 Black attached to a DJI Phantom quadcopter.
February 20th, 2014

Magical New Zealand timelapse by Shawn Reeder

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Magical New Zealand by Shawn Reeder
Since we profiled Shawn Reeder and his timelapse project, Yosemite Range Of Light in Outdoor Photographer, Reeder has left his home in the US and embarked on a filmmaking odyssey. His latest project is a new version of his Oneness New Zealand film. The new film is called Magical New Zealand. On his Vimeo page …
February 18th, 2014

Through The Canadian Wilderness with Jay and Varina Patel

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
Through the Canadian Wilderness with Jay and Varina Patel
Shade Tree Films spent several days shooting with Jay and Varina Patel as the duo ventured through the Canadian Rockies.   The video highlights Jay and Varina’s continually developing team dynamic as they work together capturing complementary colors, compositions, matching each other’s timing, and how that fits into their overall approach to landscape photography.   …
February 14th, 2014

Tamron Tipcast ‘Shooting Landscapes’ Video with Ed Heaton

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
Shooting Landscapes With Ed Heaton
In the most recent edition of the Tamron Tipcast web series, professional landscape photographer Ed Heaton illustrates tips for getting started with landscape photography with both compositional basics and technical details. For more videos on macro photography, storytelling, and DSLR video equipment, check out the TamronVids Youtube channel.  
September 18th, 2013

‘Flying Eagle Point of View’ video captured with GoPro near the Chamonix Valley’s Mer de Glace glacier

Posted By David Alexander Willis
‘Flying Eagle Point of View’ video captured with GoPro near the Chamonix Valley’s Mer de Glace glacier
Remarkable for the tech as much as the POV, YouTube user Srachi has uploaded this short video of an eagle in flight over France with a GoPro action camcorder mounted to its back. The GoPro HERO3 cameras weigh only 2.6 ounces. There are several POV base jumping videos from Srachi on his YouTube channel, including …
September 6th, 2013

‘Eye of the Beholder’ timelapse video from UpThink Labs

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Eye of the Beholder timelapse Upthink Lab Erik Huber Doug Urquhart
The UpThink Lab (Erik Huber and Doug Urquhart of Atlanta, Georgia) have released a new timelapse centering on the High Sierra Nevada range, the Candadian Rockies and the Southern Appalachians. Nice to see quite a few of the iconic locations that we have covered here at OP, as well as truly impressive timelapses of seasonal …