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August 30th, 2013

Oneness New Zealand from Master of Timelapse Shawn Reeder

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Timelapse with motion New Zealand Kessler mountains nighttime starscapes

“Oneness New Zealand” timelapse from Shawn Reeder

Extraordinarily talented photographer and filmmaker Shawn Reeder has released a new timelapse piece, turning from Yosemite, the subject of his blockbuster video “Yosemite Range of Light”, to the otherworldly sprawling majesty of New Zealand. Titled “Oneness New Zealand”, this time around Reeder incorporates a poetic voiceover and a meditative soundtrack that he helped to compose. You can find a long form article that I wrote discussing Reeder’s timelapse process with “Yosemite Range of Light” here.


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  1. Matt – Brisbane Photographer Says:

    The Yosimite one is definitely my favourite.

  2. Oneness New Zealand from Master of Timelapse Shawn Reeder | Michael John Burgess Says:

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