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September 6th, 2013

‘Eye of the Beholder’ timelapse video from UpThink Labs

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Eye of the Beholder timelapse Upthink Lab Erik Huber Doug Urquhart

Eye of the Beholder by UpThink Lab

The UpThink Lab (Erik Huber and Doug Urquhart of Atlanta, Georgia) have released a new timelapse centering on the High Sierra Nevada range, the Candadian Rockies and the Southern Appalachians. Nice to see quite a few of the iconic locations that we have covered here at OP, as well as truly impressive timelapses of seasonal color changes. You’ll find more information on the project at UpThink Lab’s Vimeo page here.


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  1. Stephen K. Shefrin Photography Says:

    I love the panning time lapse, that’s incredible

  2. Chris Says:

    Mountains in Motion is REALLY cool!

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