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May 20th, 2014

Meteor by Thomas O’Brien

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Meteor by Thomas OBrien

“Meteor” by Thomas O’Brien

Marc Muench sent us a link to Thomas O’Brien’s 2014 Meteor Reel. O’Brien (www.tmophoto.com) has created a beautiful timelapse project that was shot during the Perseid, Geminid and Leonid meteor showers. Watch it in ND!  O’Brien has written a blog post on the Muench Workshops website with meteor shower photography tips. Click here to see the post.


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  1. Bill Says:

    Thomas’ video is an awesome piece of art that has given me some inspiration in a different direction. All I need is some cooperation from the weather, my wife, my job, and my equipment. Thank you.

  2. Darren Ruane Says:

    Beautiful video, I need to get further away from light pollution!

    Does anyone know what equipment Thomas O’Brien uses to move the camera smoothly during his timelapse recording?

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