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September 4th, 2010

Get a Release? Get a Life…

Posted By Kevin Schafer
< Photo Removed> This is an issue of photography and simple fairness. A friend and colleague here in Seattle has been slapped with a $60,000 copyright infringement lawsuit by an artist who created a set of popular iconic “dance footsteps” on the public sidewalk in a local neighborhood. Mike Hipple, a part-time travel photographer and … 
June 23rd, 2010

Two Roads, Two Art Forms…?

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Artists' Palette, Death Valley National Park - Plus 40 Saturation
A few years ago, while thumbing through a major calendar, I saw a remarkable photo taken at Artists’ Palette in Death Valley.  I was astonished by the vividness of colors, an intensity that did not match my memory of the place.  I was so curious, in fact, that the next time I was in the …