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November 17th, 2015

Photo Of The Day By Jerry Rega

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
Jerry Rega
Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Sow And Her Two Cubs”by Jerry Rega.  The image was taken in Katmai National Park, Alaska. Photo of the Day is chosen from various OP galleries, including Assignments, Your Favorite Places and the OP Contests. Assignments have weekly winners that are featured on the OP website homepage and several images from the Assignment …
October 12th, 2015

Last Frame: Andy Trowbridge

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
Featured in the Last Frame section of the October 2015 issue of Outdoor Photographer, Andy Trowbridge captured this shot of a male brown bear that was bear-ly able to keep his eyes open after a long night of feeding and fighting with other bears near Kajaani, Finland, close to the Russian border. “I had chosen …
August 4th, 2015

Behind The Shot: “Bear Into The Light” By Mario Davalos—Cape Douglas, Katmai National Park, Alaska

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
Bear Into the Light_web
There are images that create themselves. Before pressing the shutter, you know what’s going to happen and you’re no longer the author, but only a witness in complete awe of what is unraveling before you. You take your eye away from the viewfinder and look straight at the scene—both eyes overwhelmed with excitement. You must …
August 29th, 2010

Big and Small

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Polar Bear on pack ice, 90 degrees N.
This polar bear approached our ship and stayed with us for nearly an hour. During that time, I took dozens of shots with my long lenses, straining for close-ups, as if full-frame bears were somehow the gold standard. I had to force myself, in fact, to put away the big glass and try and capture …
August 19th, 2010

To Bear Island

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Polar Bear on Pack Ice, 81 degrees North
Winter is coming to the Arctic: the tundra has turned a brilliant gold, the seabirds are heading south, and the mountains are already white with new snow.  But the polar bears are happy – the sea ice will soon form again, and seals will once again be on the menu. The pack ice has retreated …
May 25th, 2010

Creativity and Copying

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Brown Bear, (Grizzly), (Ursus arctos) USA, Alaska, Katmai Nation
In previous posts I have talked about the issue of what I call “chasing icons,” the inclination of many of us to chase after existing images already taken by other photographers. I want to talk about this subject some more, and to introduce the discussion I will start with a picture of my own – …