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January 2nd, 2015

Top Ten for 2014

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Cozumel Coati (Nasua nelsoni)  Endemic, Critically endangered, Cozumel
It is always difficult to ask ten pictures to define a year, a challenge made more so since my judging criteria includes other factors besides something as ill-defined and subjective as “quality.” My choices reflect the diversity of subjects that interested me this year, moments that excited me, or ideas that for one reason or …
January 3rd, 2014

13 Favorite Images for 2013

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Notice how I say “Favorites”, not necessarily the “Best.” Not only is it hard to honestly assess which are the best images in so short a time, but for me, my choice of favorites often has as much to do with the experience as the quality of the picture.