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July 7th, 2013

Instinct and Opportunity

Posted By Kevin Schafer
California Sea Lions, Channel Islands
Wildlife photography asks a lot of someone with a camera. In a heartbeat, you must freeze an instant in time, with both flattering light and an appealing design, with a subject over which you have entirely no control. Case in point: this shot of California Sea Lions taken at Point Bennett on remote San Miguel …
June 28th, 2013

Three Cheers for Nikon

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Fur Seal inside wave, San Miguel Island, CA
I’ve been burned before. A decade ago, Nikon came out with its first VR lens – the original 80-400 zoom. Like Nikon wildlife shooters everywhere, I was thrilled since it seemed to offer a great focal-length combination with real hand-held capability. (I had the old manual-focus 200-400 at that point – a beast of a …
June 10th, 2011

Wildlife While-U-Wait

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Island Fox Pup, Channel Islands
I have spent this past week on Santa Rosa Island, in Channel Islands National Park. My mission?  To capture young Island Fox pups emerging from their den for the first time.  I have spent a lot of time working with these endangered foxes over the past two years, but have never managed to get young …