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December 13th, 2012

Diffraction and Focus Stacking Tutorial

Posted By Jay Goodrich
Diffraction and Focus Stacking Tutorial for Photoshop CS6 by Jay Goodrich
Here’s a little video that highlights how I overcome diffraction issues with today’s digital cameras and lenses by stacking multiple focal point images in Adobe Photoshop CS6 via Adobe Lightroom 4.
July 20th, 2011

Lens Diffraction

Posted By Ian Plant
"Chaos Calmed" - Olympic National Park
(© Ian Plant) Without getting deep into the science of optics or physics (frankly, I don’t understand either), diffraction is basically a reduction in lens resolution that occurs when you use small apertures, for example f/16 or f/22. Is this something you should be concerned about? In a nutshell, the answer is both yes and …