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May 11th, 2015

Behind The Shot: Swimming With Sharks By Tommi Kokkola—Brothers Islands, Red Sea, Egypt

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L, Seacam housing, double Inon Z-240 strobes; 24mm, ISO 320, f/8, 1/200 sec.
Born in Finland, I now live in Taipei, Taiwan, and even though diving is very nice here, there are no longer sharks around as they’ve been fished out for shark fin soup. Environmental protection of seas isn’t sufficient yet, but it’s good to see that the popularity of shark soup is going down due to …
March 4th, 2014

Behind The Shot: “Oceanic Whitetip” by Brian Skerry – Cat Island, Bahamas

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Underwater photography of an Oceanic Whitetip Shark swims past shark biologist Wes Pratt in the waters off Cat Island in the Bahamas. Diver diving underwater housing
This image shows an oceanic whitetip shark swimming past marine biologist Wes Pratt in the waters off Cat Island in the Bahamas. The oceanic whitetip is a shark species whose stocks have plummeted worldwide in recent times, a species targeted by commercial fisheries for their large fins. Once commonly seen offshore in the Bahamas, I …
October 14th, 2013

Behind The Shot: ‘Jellyfish in Browning Pass’ by David Hall – Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Moon jellyfish (Aurelia labiata) and cross jellyfish (Mitrocoma cellularia) near Browning Passage off the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Look carefully and you can see the dive boat waiting to pick me up. Browning Pass, Queen Charlotte Strait, British Columbia
After many years of diving and photographing marine life in tropical water around the world, I decided to explore the photographic potential that existed in cold temperate water, focusing my efforts mainly on the pristine coastal waters of British Columbia, Canada. Eventually, those efforts resulted in the publication of a book, Beneath Cold Seas: The …
September 4th, 2013

Behind The Shot: ‘Great White Shark Breach Picture 21′ by Chris Fallows – Seal Island, Cape Town, South Africa

Posted By David Alexander Willis
A decoy used to bring a breaching Great white shark to the surface in front of a sunrise off of Cape Town South Africa
Seal Island is nestled in the spectacular marine wildlife area of False Bay, in Cape Town, South Africa. It is home to a 65,000-strong fur seal colony and during the winter months of April to September each year Great white sharks come here specifically to feed on the young of the year’s seals. In fact, …