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October 29th, 2014

Autumn Light

Posted By Michael Frye
Late-afternoon sun in an aspen grove, Toiyabe NF, CA, USA
Light is a vital aspect of any photograph, and always the first thing I think about when deciding where to go with my camera. The more you understand light, the better your photographs will be. Any kind of light can work for fall color – under the right circumstances. But some kinds seem to work better than others. While photographing and leading workshops in the eastern Sierra, I was usually looking for backlight or soft light on the aspens – or best of all, soft backlight.
December 1st, 2011

Two New Workshops for 2012!

Posted By Michael Frye
Aspen Circle, June Lake Loop
Eastern Sierra Fall Color: Composition and Creativity Among the Aspens October 18 (eve.) – 21, 2012 Is an eye for composition something you’re born with, or can it be taught—and learned? The technical aspects of photography are pretty concrete. With a little instruction anyone can learn to read a histogram or control depth of field. …