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August 3rd, 2011

Crossing the Boundaries Between Still and Motion

Posted By Jay Goodrich
What Do You Mean You Lost My Car? by Jay Goodrich
We (meaning a dozen skiers and myself) spent most of last winter photographing skiing. Along the way, I captured some motion footage to go along with the five thousand stills that made the final edit. Tie that together with a simple concept and you have a lot of time spending money. Actually, you might as …
January 7th, 2011

2010 in Review

Posted By Jay Goodrich
Blowing Snow over Coral Pink Sand Dunes
twenty 10 from Jay Goodrich on Vimeo. Photographer and writer Jay Goodrich has assembled a collection of his work from the past year. Images were captured on location throughout Washington, Colorado, California, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming. I just couldn’t let last year go buy without highlighting it somehow. Here’s a little film …
October 21st, 2010

The Capture is the Concept

Posted By Jay Goodrich
The Salt Marsh Lines of San Francisco Bay, CA by Jay Goodrich
I remember the days when getting it right in the field was the only way to create a successful photograph. I was shooting Fujichrome Velvia most of the time, with its great saturation, strong contrast, and beautiful color gammut. Those were actually my romantic years of photography. Head out to the woods in my spare …
June 5th, 2010

Important Book, Important Discussion

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Today, I want to put in a plug for an important book I’m reading right now: “Shooting In the Wild” by Chris Palmer. It is about wildlife film-making, its history, and its impact on conservation. But its most valuable contribution, in my view, is the book’s discussion of ethical behavior. Palmer, who has been involved …