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June 7th, 2016

Behind The Shot: “Spring Sunrise In Grand Teton” By Michael Swindle

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
One of my objectives on my trip to Grand Teton National Park in the spring of 2014 was to get a sunrise photo from Oxbow Bend. Getting the sunrise shot that you have been dreaming of can be nearly impossible when you have limited shooting days and absolutely no control over the weather or the …
April 5th, 2016

National Parks, Monuments, Forests And Public Lands Assignment Winner Jordan Edgcomb

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
Photo by Jordan Edgcomb
  Congratulations to Jordan Edgcomb, whose image “Sunset On Schwabacher’s” is the winner of the National Parks, Monuments, Forests And Public Lands Assignment! “In late May in Grand Teton National Park, the snow still rests on the peaks of the iconic Tetons, outside of Jackson, Wyoming,” said Edgcomb. “Using a B+W 10-stop neutral-density filter, I …
July 28th, 2013

Jackson, Wyoming 83002 – Dreamer, Drifter…

Posted By Jay Goodrich
Storm Valley Tetons Moran Wyoming by Jay Goodrich
Jackson, Wyoming…this is all going to make sense momentarily, just bear with my rampant train-of-thought diatribe (maybe a bit harsh but such a cool word). There are times in my life when I struggle. I fight failure. I look at myself with question. And wonder when it will all get better. In the same breath, …
October 1st, 2012

Not All Who Wander Are Lost (Joseph Rossbach)

Posted By Joseph Rossbach
While leading my Grand Teton Autumn Tour, we found ourselves down near Shcwabacher Landing on the last morning of the trip. The clouds and light seemed very promising and I wanted to get my clients some amazing images to end the tour. Shwabacher Landing is an iconic location and a beautiful one at that. As …