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April 6th, 2016

Induro Announces Baby Grand Induro Tripods

Posted By Staff
Macro photographers or anyone who needs a low-angle perspective should check out Induro’s new Baby Grand Induro Tripods. Available in 75mm and a 100mm platforms, these new tripods accept gimbal, ball, three-way or geared photo heads, and are designed for use with all lenses, as well as large formats and video cameras. Check out the press …
December 3rd, 2014

Fall Color 2014 Assignment Winner Valerie Millett

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Working The Season' by Valerie Millett
Congrats to Valerie Millett for winning the Fall Color 2014 Assignment! “Long before I every became a photographer I’d seen a photo in a magazine of hundreds of photographers lined up in front of a spectacular scene. The article noting that the particular landscape was one of the most photographed in the U.S. I distinctly …
February 20th, 2014

Photo Of The Day by Tim Williams

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Aquamarine by Tim Williams
Tim Williams’ striking image from an ice beach in Iceland is today’s Photo Of The Day. Williams submitted this image to the Snow & Ice Assignment.
February 18th, 2014

Through The Canadian Wilderness with Jay and Varina Patel

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
Through the Canadian Wilderness with Jay and Varina Patel
Shade Tree Films spent several days shooting with Jay and Varina Patel as the duo ventured through the Canadian Rockies.   The video highlights Jay and Varina’s continually developing team dynamic as they work together capturing complementary colors, compositions, matching each other’s timing, and how that fits into their overall approach to landscape photography.   …