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June 20th, 2014

Behind The Shot: “Facebook Update” by Marsel van Oosten – Jigokudani Monkey Park, Yamanouchi, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Posted By David Alexander Willis
A macaque steals and plays with an iPhone in Jigokudani Monkey Park Japan Yamanouchi, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
There are basically two ways to take original wildlife photographs: 1. Use your creative vision to pre-visualize an image or a certain look, and then try to create the image in real life 2. Wait for something really cool to happen Three years ago, I won the overall title “International Nature Photographer Of The Year” … 
March 28th, 2014

Rediscover Photography – with an iPhone…

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Close-up of backlit palm leaves, Yucatan Peninsula.
It has been a long-held tenet that the best camera for any situation is the one you’re holding in your hand. If you’re like me, however, you too often make a distinction between “official shooting” and the “recreational” kind. For the first, I carry a backpack full of gear, a tripod, filters, cables, chargers, yada, … 
February 26th, 2014

iPro Lens System Now for iPhone 5, 5S, 4/4S, Galaxy S4, & iPads

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
Schneider Optics iPro Lens System
For the most mobile photographers wanting high quality lens options, Schneider Optics has released versions of their iPro Lens System for compatibility with the iPhone 5, 5s, 4/4s, Galaxy S4, and iPads. The 5 interchangeable lens system includes a wide angle, super wide angle, fisheye, telephoto and macro. For more details, check out the full … 
September 15th, 2011

The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite iPhone App is Available Today!

Posted By Michael Frye
Since it was first published in 2000, my book The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite has been very popular. Over the years, I’ve heard from so many photographers who love the book and have found it helpful when trying to capture images of Yosemite. Thank you all so much! Now The Photographer’s Guide to Yosemite is available as … 
May 19th, 2011

Great Tool for Nature Photographers

Posted By Rob Sheppard
I have had an iPod Touch almost since it came out, and this year, I got the newest version with a camera. I don’t have an iPhone because we are with Verizon and the iPhone was not available with that company until this year. Maybe when our contracts for our present phones run out? Anyway, … 
May 12th, 2011

Five iPhone Apps that Aren’t Best Camera

Posted By Jay Goodrich
Fix Or Repair Daily - iPhone 4 TiltShiftGen App by Jay Goodrich
Chase Jarvis is a genius in my opinion. He was the leader of the pack when it came to embracing social media to help promote his brand, and then released his Best Camera app for the iPhone way before most photographers even new that the iPhone was worthy of using as a camera. His app … 
May 8th, 2011

Landscape Photography App

Posted By Rob Sheppard
Rob Sheppard’s Digital Landscape – I have long been interested in how new technology can affect what we do with photography (though I admit I was a latecomer to Facebook). There are so many possibilities, though sometimes many possibilities is not good. Too many choices! I have completed my first app with Juan Pons. It … 
May 19th, 2010

Jon’s Top 10 iPhone Apps for Adventurous Photographers

Posted By Jon Cornforth
I have viewed numerous Top 10 iPhone App lists and thought that I should share my personal favorites. Most of the lists that I have read focused on photo related apps. The images and videos that I create with the built-in camera are great for sharing on my social networking sites, but there are several apps …