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July 13th, 2010

Atlantic Puffin 07

Posted By Jon Cornforth
Atlantic Puffin 07, Latrabjarg, NW Fjords, Iceland
I want to share another one of my favorite Atlantic puffin images from the bird cliffs at Latrabjarg in the Northwestern Fjords of Iceland.  It took me 9 years to return to this fantastic location so that I could photograph these cute birds.  I was fortunate that the clouds parted late in the evening allowing …
July 6th, 2010

Atlantic Puffin 18

Posted By Jon Cornforth
Atlantic Puffin 18_Latrabjarg, NW Fjords, Iceland
Yesterday, I spent 6 hours editing, processing, keywording, and sizing my Atlantic puffin photographs for the web.  As busy as my summer is, I am not going to finish processing the rest of my Iceland trip any time soon.  This is one of my favorites.  I like how the puffin’s breast is pointing forward with …