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April 9th, 2013

Light and Mood With Intimate Landscapes

Posted By Michael Frye
Sunlight slanting across Crane Flat Meadow, Yosemite NP, CA, USA
A Trip to Crane Flat During a recent series of weather systems in Yosemite, I kept checking the radar and satellite images online, looking for an opportunity to photograph a clearing storm. One morning looked promising, so I drove up to Yosemite Valley early, but found no snow. It looked like the snow level had …
March 10th, 2013

Are Sunsets Overdone?

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Sunset, Deception Pass, WA
I have a thing about sunsets.  As my friends will testify, I have been known to rant about how we’re being inundated with endless pictures of sunsets, and landscapes bathed in dramatic, richly-colored light (and don’t get me started about digital exaggeration). So what’s my problem?  Simple: I believe that this obsession with sunsets can …
February 26th, 2013

Choosing a Lighting System

Posted By Michael Clark
This article is an excerpt from my e-book, Location Lighting for the Outdoor Photographer. At this point, I want to talk about choosing a lighting system for an individual photo shoot. By lighting system, I don’t mean a certain brand of lighting gear but the type of lighting gear that will actually be taken into …
February 6th, 2013

New e-book: Location Lighting for the Outdoor Photographer

Posted By Michael Clark
Click here to purchase Location Lighting for the Outdoor Photographer I am very happy to announce my new e-book entitled Location Lighting for the Outdoor Photographer. This e-book is a 277 page e-book and is packed with pretty much everything I know about using artificial lighting in the outdoors. If you are looking to take …
December 31st, 2012

After the Storm

Posted By Joseph Rossbach
This our latest release, After the Storm, Great Falls National Park, VA I took a quick trip to Great Falls National Park the other day in hopes of catching some dramatic light as a winter storm that produced snow, ice and rain moved out at sunset. It was a gamble but it paid off nicely …
May 14th, 2012

My New Book “Exposed” is finally out!

Posted By Michael Clark
I am happy to report that my new book, Exposed: Inside the Life and Images of a Pro Photographer is finally out and is shipping right now to those that have pre-ordered the book. I am also very happy to report that the book looks very nice. If you have been holding off on this book …
February 15th, 2012

Maximize the Light

Posted By Jerry Monkman
I just posted the first photo tip video on my blog as part of my free on-line outdoor photography course. This week’s tip, Maximize the Light, encourages photographers to learn the nuance of using natural light in outdoor photos. It seems like a good place to start – photography means “drawing with light” after all. …
September 2nd, 2011

The Forgotten Summer

Posted By Kevin Schafer
Mist rises over forest at sunset, Paradise, Mt. Rainier
I headed back to Mt. Rainier again yesterday to see if, by September 1st, the legendary wildflowers were likely to bloom at all this year.  Apparently not: the meadows around Paradise are still dotted with snow, the heaviest in years. Many of the flowers are still just emerging from winter, and with autumn in the …
August 23rd, 2011

Triple Falls, Glacier National Park

Posted By Joseph Rossbach
I am finally back home after a nine-day trip to Glacier National Park followed by a week in Charleston with my family on vacation. The trip to Glacier was productive, but incredibly frustrating. To start with, my first three days were absolutely horrid conditions for nature photography, blue bird blue skies and not a cloud …
July 21st, 2011

A Common Photographic Challenge

Posted By Rob Sheppard
I think one of the most common photographic challenges all of us face is this — we see subjects and the camera sees light. What happens is that we can see a detail in a huge range of light from bright sun to dark shadows. In addition, we can see really dark things next to …