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October 17th, 2014

Behind The Shot: “The Intruder – Great Egret Among Scarlet Ibises” by Mario Davalos P. – Caroni Swamp, Trinidad

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Thousands of Scarlet Ibises roost in the same spot at Caroni Swamp , in the island of Trinida, and a lone Great Egret seem highly out of place among them.
I had been in the northern mountain range of Trinidad for four days already and I kept hearing about Caroni Swamp and the roosting of the scarlet ibises. I had seen illustrations of the birds on flags, the Trinidad and Tobago coat of arms and promotional materials, but I had never seen a scarlet ibis …
February 3rd, 2014

Behind The Shot: ‘Polar Nap’ by Mario Davalos P. – Kaktovik, Alaska

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Sleeping polar bear after eating mukluk in Kaktovik, Alaska
I always try to lie down in the ground when photographing birds or small mammals, but with polar bears, well, that’s a different story. Not only are they tall as a big truck, but also fierce and aggressive. Lying flat in the ground so close to the largest carnivore on Earth would be equivalent to …