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July 8th, 2015

Traversing the Patagonian Ice Cap: A new breed of expedition-style Workshops

Posted By Michael Clark
Earlier this year I was approached by Vertical Shot Expeditions. They inquired if I would be interested in leading an expedition to traverse the Patagonian Ice Cap in 2016. Having spent a fair bit of time in Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile, and having seen the ice cap several times, traversing the …
September 10th, 2014

Fire and Half Dome

Posted By Michael Frye
Meadow Fire burning in Little Yosemite Valley at night, with Half Dome on the left, Yosemite NP, CA, USA; 9-7-14
Sunday afternoon my wife Claudia and I saw dramatic images on the Yosemite webcams of a fire in Little Yosemite Valley. We’ve had many fires around here the last two summers, and I’ve made plenty of fire photographs. But how often can you photograph a fire next to Half Dome? We decided to head up …
June 24th, 2014

Chasing the Light and Weather

Posted By Michael Frye
Rainbow, Crescent Beach, Crescent City, CA, USA
It should be obvious that weather and light are important aspects of landscape photography. No matter where you are, it pays to keep an eye on the weather, and to learn local weather patterns. We arrived in Crescent City, at the very northern edge of California, about five days before our redwoods workshop was set to begin. Our first night there some showers moved through, and at sunrise it was gray and raining. But online radar and satellite images showed that the showers might end soon, so I prepared to go out. Then through our hotel room window I saw a rainbow! We made a dash for the car, drove out to Crescent Beach, and luckily the rainbow was still there (right).
January 30th, 2014

Back from Moab

Posted By Joseph Rossbach
“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread. A civilization which destroys what little remains of the wild, the spare, the original, is cutting itself off from its origins and betraying the principle of civilization itself.”
― Edward Abbey When I …
October 9th, 2013

Photo Of The Day by Steven Hirsch

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Milky Way In False Kiva by Steven Hirsch
  False Kiva in Canyonlands National Park is a popular photo location and every year I receive at least a few submissions with a shot from this spot. Night photos from here, however, are very rare. Steven Hirsch submitted this photo to the Parks, Preserves & Monuments Assignment and it’s today’s Photo of The Day. …
October 3rd, 2013

The Nature Photographer’s Guide to the U.S. Government Shutdown

Posted By Ian Plant
Autumn cottonwood trees, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
As many of you must know by now, the U.S. federal government is “shut down”—and I put this in quotes because obviously not every government office is closed. Unfortunately for us nature photographers, many of the most beautiful scenic destinations in the United States—the National Parks and National Monuments—are currently closed. Those are the headlines, of which …
July 10th, 2013

Photo of The Day by Willie Huang

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Redwood Enchantment by Willie Huang
The early morning atmospherics in Redwood National Park create stunning opportunities for a prepared photographer. Willie Huang proved the maxim that luck favors the prepared when he took this photo. He says, “As soon as the sun rose into the sky, the fog began to retreat back into the ocean. By pure luck, most of …
April 9th, 2013

Light and Mood With Intimate Landscapes

Posted By Michael Frye
Sunlight slanting across Crane Flat Meadow, Yosemite NP, CA, USA
A Trip to Crane Flat During a recent series of weather systems in Yosemite, I kept checking the radar and satellite images online, looking for an opportunity to photograph a clearing storm. One morning looked promising, so I drove up to Yosemite Valley early, but found no snow. It looked like the snow level had …
March 19th, 2013

Time Lapse – Two Days in Acadia.

Posted By Jerry Monkman
Jordan Pond in Winter, Acadia National Park
It’s been a while since I posted here, so I thought I should say hello to everyone – hello! This winter I picked up a Pocket Dolly from Kessler Crane so I could add some motion to time lapse sequences. It’s amazing how a little motion can add a lot of drama to these clips, …
March 27th, 2012

Outdoor Photographer April 2012 Discover Digital Quick Tips Article

Posted By Jon Cornforth
Outdoor Photographer April 2012 Discover Digital Quick Tips Article
I am excited to share that my “Discover Digital Quick Tips” article is published in the April 2012 issue of Outdoor Photographer! OP’s Editor gave me this opportunity after telling me that he always considers my images to be among the most authentic and beautiful that he regularly sees. In my article, I offer my …