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June 16th, 2016

Photo Of The Day By Tim Williams

Posted By Kristan Ashworth
Photo By Tim Williams
Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Least Resistance” by Tim Williams. Location: Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina. “The area around Pisgah National Forest in the western North Carolina mountains is referred to as the ‘land of waterfalls,’ and certainly earns its moniker,” says Williams. “Any given bend in streams, large and small, may present a …
January 27th, 2016

Photo Of The Day By Harold Hull

Posted By Staff
Photo by Harold Hull
Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Above The Falls” by Harold Hull. Location: Horsepasture River, Gorges State Park, North Carolina. Photo of the Day is chosen from various OP galleries, including Assignments, Your Favorite Places and the OP Contests. Assignments have weekly winners that are featured on the OP website homepage and several images from the Assignment Gallery are …
May 11th, 2015

Photo of the Day by Dave Allen

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Misty Mountain Melody, North Carolina, Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains' by Dave Allen
Today’s Photo of the Day captures the “Misty Mountain Melody” of the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains near Roan Mountain, Tennessee and was submitted to the Spring Flowers Assignment by Dave Allen. “Misty Mountain Melody Spring catawba rhododendron flowers blooming along the Appalachian Trail in western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. I was blessed to witness …
January 29th, 2015

Photo of the Day by Kelly Nowak

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Provider' by Kelly Nowak
Today’s Photo of the Day is ‘Provider’ submitted to the Bird in Context Assignment by Kelly Nowak. “A cardinal family conveniently nesting outside the window gave me a wonderful opportunity to photograph their daily routine without disturbing them. Here is the male cardinal feeding the babies,” says Nowak. Photo of the Day is chosen from …
December 31st, 2014

My Best Photos of 2014

Posted By Jay Goodrich
My Best Photos of 2014
2014 was one of those years where I felt like I was on a roller coaster. I am not talking about one of those old rickety wood things from the 60’s. I am talking about the new ones, the ones that are designed by retired NASA engineers that pull 4g.s and are made of more …
December 10th, 2014

Photo of the Day by Matt Williams

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Rhododendron Sunset' by Matt Williams
Matt Williams caught the sunset in North Carolina in his image ‘Rhododendron Sunset’, which he recently submitted to the Your Favorite Places Gallery. “One of my favorite places to visit every spring is the Roan Highlands which has one of the largest natural rhododendron gardens in the world. I was lucky enough this year to …
June 16th, 2014

Motivation Assignment Winner Mark VanDyke

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Grassy Ridge Rhododendron Fog Roll' by Mark VanDyke
Congrats to Mark VanDyke for winning the Motivation Assignment with his photo from the Roan Highlands! “This photograph was taken on June 13, 2012, on Grassy Ridge in the Roan Highlands of Western North Carolina / Eastern Tennessee.  The composition of this image was certainly pre-visualized, the result of several years of previous hikes and …
March 24th, 2014

Photo of The Day by Mark Vandyke

Posted By Ashley Myers-Turner
'Carolina Blue Moon' by Mark Vandyke
Mark Vandyke submitted today’s Photo of the Day to the Stillness Assignment, which is open until midnight March 25th. “My family took a vacation to Blowing Rock, North Carolina this past June and I had the chance to show my father some of my favorite Western North Carolina hiking spots, as well as to show …
July 23rd, 2013

Photo Of The Day by Jeff Zimmerman

Posted By Christopher Robinson
Pisgah Sunrise by Jeff Zimmerman
Today’s Photo Of The Day was submitted to the OP Your Favorite Places gallery. Jeff Zimmerman took the photo near Asheville, North Carolina. The photograph is beautifully timed to catch the warm glow in the clouds while still the mist in the valleys below is only indirectly lit. In a few more minutes this scene …
May 20th, 2013

Behind The Shot: ‘Luminous – Blue Ridge Winter Sunset’ by Dave Allen – Jump Off Rock, Hendersonville, North Carolina

Posted By David Alexander Willis
Jump Off Rock Dave Allen Hendersonville North Carolina
The day after a large snow storm passed through the area in January of 2011, this winter image was captured during a rare moment of incredible natural light on a very cold day at Jump Off Rock in Hendersonville, NC. When we first arrived at the location I noticed that all of the trees were …