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December 24th, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Posted By Ian Plant
Happy Holidays!
I just wanted to wish everyone here Happy Holidays! Best wishes, Ian Plant Photography
December 17th, 2010

Top 5 Tips for Winter Photography

Posted By Ian Plant
Temperatures are dropping, ponds are freezing over, and snow is falling—winter is here! As winter’s chill sets in, however, don’t pack away your camera with your summer clothes. Winter is a magical time for outdoor photography—if you know how to handle the challenges presented by the season. Here are my top five essential tips for …
December 9th, 2010

Hidden Zion

Posted By Ian Plant
Zion National Park in Utah is a land of deep canyons, sweeping mountain vistas, and stunning desert views. Every year I make an autumn pilgrimage to Zion, exploring it’s hidden mysteries. Although the scenery in Zion is big, bold, and jaw-dropping, there is also a more intimate side, one that I try to capture with each visit. …
December 3rd, 2010

Get Your Feet Wet!

Posted By Ian Plant
For some reason, people are squeamish about getting their feet wet. There seems to be a natural biological imperative that screams “stay high and dry” whenever one gets close to water. Maybe people just don’t like the feel of cold water on their toes. Or maybe they’re afraid of whatever squishy creepy-crawly things that might be lurking in …
November 26th, 2010

Light Up The Night 4 (by Ian Plant)

Posted By Ian Plant
Continuing my series of night photography images (you can see posts 1, 2, and 3 in the series by following the links), here is an image that was taken several years back on Lake Drummond in the Great Dismal Swamp of Virginia—which, by the way, is just about the coolest name a swamp could ever …
November 12th, 2010

Follow Your Vision (by Ian Plant)

Posted By Ian Plant
I just spent ten days photographing Zion National Park, and I saw something that has become increasingly common in the past few year—photographers wandering around with pages of photographs printed off the Internet. Presumably, they were on the hunt to recreate images they had seen taken by other photographers. I know that some photographers might view this as …
October 26th, 2010

The Lonely Shore

Posted By Ian Plant
"The Lonely Shore" - Outer Banks, North Carolina
The great barrier islands of the Atlantic coast, which stretch from Cape Cod south to Florida, present many opportunities to outdoor photographers. A barrier island is essentially a long, thin stretch of sand that forms roughly parallel to the mainland coast. Barrier islands are dynamic and constantly shifting and moving as a result of wind, waves, storms, tides, and changing sea levels. Although …
October 22nd, 2010

Reflect Your World

Posted By Ian Plant
"Light Bend" - Chapel Pond, Adirondack State Park, New York
If there’s anything better than nature, it is nature reflected—you essentially get two for the price of one! I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to reflect my subjects in water, whether still water or moving. Reflections are a great way of showing nature subjects in an interesting way, and of creating abstract and impressionistic images. While recently leading a photo …
October 7th, 2010

Trophy Hunts

Posted By Ian Plant
I know a lot of photographers who are constantly on the hunt for “trophy shots.” They search high and low for an amazing scene, and then sit on it—sometimes for days or even weeks on end—waiting for amazing light to put the icing on the cake. While I sometimes do the same, I often prefer …
September 30th, 2010

Keep it Simple

Posted By Ian Plant
Nature is a chaotic place. Our job as photographers is to create order out of chaos, to simplify and reduce things to their essence. Most beginners have trouble keeping extraneous and distracting elements out of the image frame. Many advanced shooters struggle too, trying to get too fancy and complicated. As Ansel Adams once famously said:  “There is nothing worse …